Making “bucket list” dreams come true is never easy. School, work, relationships, and bills, are only a few of the things that get in the way. So when it comes to knocking something off your bucket list, it’s a big deal. Sometimes you only get one shot at it.

If a road trip that you’ll never forget is on your bucket list then you’ll want to keep reading. We put together some tips for you that’ll help your dream road trip come true.

1. Plan far in advance

Half the fun of a road trip is planning it all out. When the thought of a road trip enters your mind start scheming up some places you might want to visit. Peruse social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram to scope out some places you never even knew existed.

2. Begin Saving

As you’re planning your dream road trip, start budgeting how much you want to spend. Do you want to stay in hotels or find free campsites? Would you prefer to eat the local cuisine or stick to a strict diet of rice and beans? Neither is right or wrong, just make sure you’ve budgeted out what everything’s going to cost. And if you really want to play it safe, set up an emergency fund so a little mishap doesn’t wipe out your entire savings, ending your dream road trip early.

3. Get Your Car Purring Just Right

There’s that famous quote “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Do everything you can to minimize your risk, especially of having a break down. Some routine maintenance on your car could mean the difference between cruising off into the sunset or trying to thumb a ride to the nearest town with a mechanic.

4. Invest in Digital Storage

You might only take 1 or 2 photos a day at home, but a road trip is different. You’re going to be seeing places you’ve only ever dreamt of seeing. The last thing you want is to find yourself deciding which memories are more precious to you as you’re deleting photos and video off your phone and camera. Have a dedicated hard drive for your road trip or invest in cloud storage that you can upload memories every day.

5. Keep Your Car Organized on the Road

There’s nothing like coming back to a clean home, right? Well, your car is your home while you’re on the road. Keep it clean and organized and your life will be so much more enjoyable while you’re on the road.

6. Plan Out Some Healthy Meals and Snacks

Energy drinks, chocolate bars, chewy snacks full of sugar, and sweet cookies are all part of a road trip. But like anything good, it should be matched with moderation. Plan out some healthy meals and snacks or be on the lookout for local restaurants that favor healthy foods. It’s a great way to enjoy the local cuisine, feel fresh, and stayin shape on the road.

7. Start a Road Trip Playlist

Music is essential to any road trip. Put together a playlist of your favorite jams to enjoy. Make it shareable and have others contribute some brand new ear candy. With a backload of great new songs, you’ll never get sick of hearing the same playlist play on repeat and you may even find a new artist to enjoy.

8. Decide How Fast You Want to Go

Only go as fast as the speed limit, unless you want to potentially get pulled over. But it is helpful to figure out beforehand what cadence you’d like for the road trip. Figure out if you’d rather hop from place to place on the regular or if you’d rather stay at certain places for more than a day or two.

9. Maybe Make a Game Out of It?

Throw all decision making out the window with a pair of dice. Assign certain numbers to north, south, east, and west. Roll the dice at the start of the day and whatever you roll, go in that direction for the day. You never know what you’re bound to find when you get off the beaten path and just roll with it.

10. Choose Your Partner Wisely

Imagine being trapped in a small area with only one other person. Do you think you’d get along? How well do you two handle conflict? And most importantly, do you both share ideas when asked what you want to eat? If you’re traveling with someone else all of these questions need to be addressed, and more, because the experience will only be as good as your company.

11. Go For It!

The best time to travel is now. Go for it and enjoy every minute of your dream road trip!