When was the last time you experienced something memorable within the confines of your comfort zone? Taking chances takes nerve, but that is what makes life exciting. Not everyone needs to jump off a cliff to have a memorable afternoon--but hey, some people do. Whether you're a true adrenaline junkie, or simply enjoy watching other people pull crazy stunts, these videos will get your heart rate pumping from the safety of your computer.

4 Crazy Adventure Videos You've Got to See

Choose your own adventure with one of the following videos of brave (and possibly insane) adventure pros, and get inspired to live life outside of your own comfort zone.

Windsurfing Down a Snowy Mountain

Whoever said you could only windsurf on the water clearly hasn’t met “The King of Style,” Levi Siver.

GoPro Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave

Watch the late, great Uli Emanuele perform one of the most difficult base jumps ever recorded.


Mountain Biking the Lower Whistler Bike Park

These expert cyclists make descending the 5,000 ft. Whistler Bike Park look like a piece of cake. 


Feeling pumped? Now it's time to go find your own adventure!