A snowy slope makes us feel alive. We count down the days until the air turns cold, the powder starts to fall, and the mountains turn white. 

If you love carving up snow as much as we do, you're going to love these high-intensity ski films. They're short and they pack a punch. These might not give you the same rush you get from barreling down a mountain, but they will inspire you to get out there and find your own slice of winter paradise. 

These stellar ski films will get you pumped to hit the slopes this winter

Here are 7 of our all-time favorite short ski films. 

1. Between the Lines

This stunning DIY short features heart-pounding GoPro footage from seven superb skiers as they race through the picturesque mountains of the upper Midwest.

2. Skier Lynsey Dyer in the Whistler Backcountry

Winter sports phemon Lynsey Dyer’s mantra on skiing? “There’s a million ways to enjoy the mountains, whether or not the snow is good.”

3. Parallels

A close-up view of the sport that’s both familiar and aspirational. If there’s one short film that will make you pack up your skis and drive to your local mountain, it’s this one.


ADDICTED is billed as an “action porn ski film.” But it’s entirely SFW. 

5. GoPro: Dunes - Sand Skiing in Peru

Two intrepid skiers trade in the powder for sand as they glide down some of the highest sand dunes in the world. Proof that the most satisfying ski sessions can happen anywhere.

6. Amputee Skier Shreds Expectations

Adaptive skier Vasu Sojitra has never let his disability get in the way of his passion for dominating mountains.

7. Night Skiing With Emergency Flares

World-class skiers guide us on a dreamy nighttime exploration through the Swiss mountains using only emergency flares for light. Yet another ski trip to add to your bucket list!

Now that your head is spinning with images of fresh powder, go find your own!