Introducing the Flip Off™ Interchangeable Series by Optic Nerve

We've been in the sunglasses business for a long time now. One thing that's never ceased to baffle us is how complicated and frustrating lens changing can be. So, we decided to do something about it. The introduction of the Optic Nerve Flip OffInterchangeable Series is making a loud statement in the eyewear industry with its radically simple lens changing system and a refreshingly cheeky name to go along with it.

Most interchangeable systems require the user to manhandle the frame and lenses, leaving behind oily fingerprints and provoking needless frustration.  Across the industry, methods for removing lenses are inconsistent and are rarely intuitive. Users are often unsure if the lenses are secure after they have been changed. The hassle of the whole process leads to some people not using the extra lenses at all.

To address these problems, we've developed a series of sunglasses around a new quick release design, dubbed the Flip Off. It's surprisingly simple: with one hand, press a small lever located inside the temple to release the lens while holding the edge of the lens with the other hand. Then press the lever while sliding the new lens into place and then releasing the lever to lock it in. Clean. Quick. Done. All in a matter of 5 seconds or less. “Everyone needs to try the Flip Off system for themselves and ‘give the finger’ to time and effort spent struggling to change lenses,” says Product Developer and Vice President, Tom Fox.

There are four styles in the Flip Off Series, three of which are each currently available in Matte Black with more colors and an additional style to be released in 2017.

The Nitecrawler is the ideal "trail to tavern" style with all of the technical features necessary to perform exceptionally well in an active setting combined with casual cool frame styling.

The Desoto and the Desoto Plus are classic half frame sports wrap designs with modern updates for ultra fresh style. The Desoto Plus features extra large lenses to provide an increased field of vision and added protection.

The Overcast is sleek and stealthy. This frameless style gives you a wide field of vision and excellent air flow to keep your line of sight clear and uninhibited. 

Each style includes a multitude of technical features including three sets of lenses for varying light conditions, an anti-fog lens coating for clear, unobstructed vision, a hyrdophobic lens coating for preservation of the lens quality and improved clarity, and "no-bounce" rubber nose bridge pads for a secure fit.

Go ahead, "flip off" the hassle of switching out lenses, so you can spend more time doing the activities you love.

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