Jamie Pierre's World Record Ski Jump: 255 Foot Cliff [video]

Do not try this at home.

Our motto at Optic Nerve is “protect your eyes, risk everything else.”

Some people take this more to heart than others.

Few single actions live up to this mantra as much as Jamie Pierre’s record-shattering 255-foot cliff jump on skis. Performed in 2006, it was cutting edge at the time and lasted for two years (until Fred Syversen unintentionally hucked a 351-footer. We like the intentional cliff jumps better).

Watch the jump:


You may have noticed that he landed on his head.

A 255-foot jump only to land on your head, and make it out with nothing more than a busted lip, is truly incredible.

Had he landed on his feet, speculation says he may have broken both legs on impact.