Our mom’s made us who we are today. They’re a force of nature that have given us our sense of adventure and exploration. As the saying goes “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and if you're prone to spending epic weekends in the wilderness, that’s probably the result of meticulous care and attention from your badass mom.

For every badass mom, there’s a badass pair of sunglasses to benefit whatever it is she enjoys doing outdoors. What best defines your mom and what style of sunglasses fit her best? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list to help you decide what style of sunglasses would make the perfect gift for your mom this Mother's Day.

The Mountain Biker

Hearing talks of full suspension, cranksets, and getting into heated debates about which performs best; a 26er or 29er is indicative of being raised by a mountain biker. If this is your mom, seeing her with mud splattered all over and a huge smile after a long bike ride is part of your norm. She needs a set of sunglasses with a strong wrap to hug her noggin to ensure they don’t fall off when she hits a jump.

The Neurotoxin 3.0 is a perfect choice for the Mountain Biking Mom. Another great choice for cycling is the super-sleek VaporBoth include 3 sets of interchangeable lenses so your mom can have great visibility in both tree-shaded and sunny, exposed trails. They also both include fully adjustable nose bridges and temple tips for ultimate comfort, security, and helmet compatibility.

The Roadtripper

A mom that scoffs at the idea of any other travel than that of a car is a mom that loves her road trips. She probably also likes to look fresh and trendy while hitting the open road, discovering quirky roadside attractions, and eventually exploring the final destination. Wide-lenses frames are always a favorite of the roadtrippin’ mom.

The Elixer frames provide the coverage she needs and the style she wants for all those miles on the road ahead. If your mom is more into the aviator look, the Vendetta is another excellent choice. It has reduced sizing to flatter smaller faces for women who can rarely find sunglasses that fit their faces well. Both the Elixer and the Vendetta are polarized for enhanced clarity and definition.  

The Golfer

“Fore!” is something you never hear your mom say because her golf swing is so on-par.

Most golfers love low-profile sunglasses so they don’t get in the way during their backswing or feel like overkill by hour 3 on the course. We've picked out some options that the golf pro is sure to love. 

It doesn't get any more streamlined or sportier than the Thujone sunglasses. These bad boys come with three sets of lenses so she can keep her eyes on the ball in any light conditions. If your mom is more about the casual, everyday look, we bet she'll like the casual look of the Monarch sports wrap. And finally, if you mom is the type to get a little disruptive on the course, we have the perfect option for her. The Variant in Crystal Pink makes a loud statement and comes with an extra set of copper lenses to really make the green "pop"!

The Cyclist

Keeping things slim and sleek is the way of the cyclist.

If your mom’s a cyclist, you’ve probably heard her talk about pacelines and staying aerodynamic. What she’s telling you is that she needs a pair of sunglasses that are lightweight, low profile, and will protect her eyes from any debris thrown her way while she’s in a paceline.

The Desoto Plus Flip Off series is ideal for a cyclist. These wrap-around frames feature Flip Off technology so your badass mom can 'give the finger' to hassling with switching out lenses. 

The Runner

Does your mom make a mean pasta, even though she’s not Italian? Chances are it’s been perfected over the years as part of a carb-loading ritual the night before a big race.

That’s a telltale sign of a runner, and her choice of sunglasses is going to require something lightweight, low profile, secure, and protective.

Your best bet for the mom always on the run is going to be the Reactor. The reactor is feather-light and breathes remarkably well so she can stay fog-free. Plus it also comes in a photocromatic option with lenses that change tint automatically in varying light conditions. 

The Traveler

Unlike the road-tripping mom, the traveling mom likes to go EVERYWHERE. That means she wants to have an all-around, versatile pair of sunglasses for each new adventure she has planned. She has more than likely been pining for the look of causal lifestyle of sunglasses with performance features to keep pace with any activity she signs up for along the way.

The PK Thrilla 2.0 provides just the right amount of coverage and style. It features a trendy design with polarized lenses and rubber nose pads to prevent slippage. Not to mention, this style pretty much screams badass. 

The Lover of Life

It is possible to have felt like you’ve done it all. So when mom just wants to kick back and enjoy life from a rocker while sipping on a cool drink, she still needs a pair of sunglasses to shield her eyes. Find her a pair of fashionable sunglasses that matches her personality, makes her look good, and makes her feel like a million bucks.

The Lanai could be the pair for her.