New Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sunglasses For ONE by Optic Nerve

Optic Nerve Eyewear Releases New Renewable Bamboo Sunglasses

WHEAT RIDGE, COLORADO, April 19, 2021—Optic Nerve Eyewear has announced the release of their first ever eco-friendly ONE by Optic Nerve branded sunglasses, the Woodstock and the Woodsie. The Colorado-based company is excited to offer two bamboo temple lifestyle frames for 2021.  

Using super-renewable genuine bamboo, the two new frames offer a stylish approach to eco-friendly eyewear. Both styles, the Woodstock and the Woodsie, feature 100% real bamboo temples, durable polycarbonate frame fronts and polarized lenses. Inspired by classic vintage design, each bamboo frame utilizes soft, rounded lines and exposed wood finishing. All Optic Nerve Eyewear products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and hassle-free return policy.


Bamboo plants are some of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, with some types having reported growth rates of up to 3 feet in 24 hours. On top of its rapid growth rate, Bamboo requires no fertilizer and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it does not need replanting. Due to its speedy growth rate and low maintenance planting practices, bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet. Utilizing bamboo temples reduces the amount of plastic used in production (and thrown away) as well as reduces carbon emissions. Less plastic & pollution means a better future for mother earth, one sunglass at a time. 


In addition to the bamboo styles, Optic Nerve Eyewear continues to prioritize sustainability through our internal operations and product development efforts. While the Woodsie and Woodstock are the first eco-friendly additions to ONE by Optic Nerve, the brand has been offering mother-nature-approved performance sunglasses for years. Built with renewable castor bean resin, all Optic Nerve performance sunglasses help reduce plastic waste, virgin plastic waste, and air pollution. Optic Nerve headquarters is also a solar powered facility, and recently, all ONE by Optic Nerve products are packaged in specially constructed plastic bags that are biodegradable in a landfill environment.

For more information about the new ONE by Optic Nerve Bamboo frames and other products made by Optic Nerve Eyewear, please contact Maggie Shaffer.


About Optic Nerve Eyewear

From their humble beginnings of selling sunglasses out of the back of their Subaru to now selling their merchandise worldwide, the owners of the company, Bill and Tom, have kept their sports-passion in mind when providing quality products to consumers for over 40 years.

Optic Nerve Eyewear is committed to getting people excited to enjoy the outdoors. Optic Nerve and ONE by Optic Nerve comprise a wide variety of eyewear products specifically designed so everyone is able to pursue any activity that inspires them to spend more time outside.


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