Our third season with XTERRA is nearing its end and as we watch this video, we reflect on the emotion behind the sport that is off-road triathlons. Each race Team Nerve attends reminds us of the passion, dedication, and training behind the intense competition. This is the kind of competition, however, that does not create hostility, but instead an inexplicable sense of respect and admiration among athletes, spectators, sponsors, and the XTERRA team. 

This year's World Championship in Kapalua, Hawaii presented the athletes with a remarkably demanding course, both physically and mentally. As seen in the highlight reel, unrelenting surf and muddy conditions added challenges that made this Maui race perhaps the most difficult yet.

Team Nerve athletes Josiah Middaugh and Suzie Snyder stood firm against the challenging conditions and represented both the United States and their individual efforts on the podium at the World Championships. Their hard work has certainly paid off as they were the top athletes in the 2016 Pan American American Tour in the men's and women's standings. We're proud to stand behind these two as both astounding athletes and humble, kindhearted people.

Optic Nerve would like to thank the XTERRA team for making these races a possibility and for bringing people from all walks of life together. We'd also like the thank the crew of XTERRA Ambassadors who have made each race feel more and more like a family. Finally, shout out to the Optic Nerve ambassadors and teams that have been smiling, familiar faces at the races this year including Michael Nunez, Denver General Bike Gang, and Team CocoaVia. We love that you rock Optic Nerve sunglasses, spread the Team Nerve love, and look good doing it.

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