Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

When deciding which kind of lenses to purchase, a good place to start is with the visible light transmission (VLT). The higher the percentage of VLT, the lighter the lens tint, and therefore, the more light the lens will let through to the eye. Alternatively, lenses with a lower VLT percentage will have a darker tint and will block more light from coming through to the eye.

Consider the typical conditions in which you will be wearing your glasses or goggles most often. See below for a guide to help you determine which VLT is most suitable for your needs. If you feel that multiple categories apply, it might be beneficial to choose an interchangeable or photochromatic style which will accommodate a broad range of light conditions.

Please note that regardless of the VLT, all Optic Nerve and ONE by Optic Nerve lenses feature 100% UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. This includes our clear lenses.


 VLT Category Lens Tints Suitable For
80% - 100% 0 None or very light tint For aesthetic, fashion, or comfort purposes or for use during nighttime
43% - 80% 1 Light tint Weak levels of sunlight
18% - 43% 2 Medium tint Average to low levels of sunlight
8% - 18%  3 Dark tint For use in strong sunlight, including intensified light which is reflected off water or snow
3% - 18% 4 Very dark tint For use in exceptional levels of strong sunlight (not suitable for drivers and road users)