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Independent from start to finish.

Each pair of sunglasses is designed, hand inspected and tested by our dedicated team here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains! Plus did we mention our Optic Nerve line is Eco-Friendly?  Made from natural non-petroleum based plastics that outperform traditional materials, we are changing the world one pair at a time. That's what we call NERVE!

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I found the Hotplate style and immediately loved it. Not only are they cute, they are also polarized and a fantastic price... I loved the first pair so much I ordered an additional pair from your website!

Katie M.

I own a pair of optic nerve sunglasses with 3 pairs of lenses. I use them for cycling, running and fishing. Always great and comfortable. Quality for the price makes them an obvious choice for my next pair. 

Carlos R.

These are hands down the best sunglasses out there. As a trail runner and mountaineer here in Colorado, I trust my eyes to nothing else. 

Bernard H.

Hands Down the BEST Value product on the market! If you want the best designs and 100% backing on eyeware, try em out...

Rodney W.

I found these sunglasses while vacationing in CO and fell in love! I recently made a purchase online because they got broken and I received hands down AMAZING customer service! Highly recommend! 

Chanda D.