Ziggy | Sunglasses – Optic Nerve


$39.99 USD
  • UV Rating: 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • Lens Type: Polarized
  • Design: Active Sports
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Frame: Durable, Lightweight
  • Shipping: Free 2-Day Over $50
  • Returns: 30 Days Hassle-Free
  • Free Microfiber Soft Case
The refreshingly cool look of the Ziggy blends sport and lifestyle into one versatile, lightweight pair of shades. Rubber nose pieces prevent slippage during activity and hints of classic style lend to an urban attitude, making this style appropriate for any occasion. Unisex, fits small to average sized faced. 


     Ziggy Polarized Sunglasses Size, Fit and Dimensions Guide


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Kelly C

    Best sunglass company out there. Been buying from them for years, even my wife is hooked. Great value, for Great sunglasses.

    New fishing sunglasses!

    I used to have a pair of the optic nerve rumble and I broke them so I needed a new pair and noticed these look exactly the same. Love the look but I have a few questions. I love a green lens for fishing but this one says black and green smoke lens. Just curious what all that means and what would it be good for?


    Love how light weight.

    Lee H
    Better than Costas

    Love these Freakin shades! Great buy and even better look. The legs are tiny bit tight, but not so bad that it bothers me while wearing, or uncomfortable. I'd rather it be that way, than loose and fall off my head. Get'em, you wont be disappointed.

    Jim O
    Best pair of sunglasses I have owned

    My High-Level Thoughts: - I have owned many different pair of sunglasses over the years and obtained these randomly at a ski-shop to go skiing in Colorado. Totally fell in love with them! Best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned for a few reasons. PROS - Construction: They are not built with metal but instead a rubbery plastic. It is flexible but feels good on the head & in the hand. They definitely are not cheaply made sunglasses as you would find in dollar general. - Blue Tint: I LOVE The blue tint on these guys. Just refer to my pictures. - Tight Arms: The arms come super tight (which I love). They easily stay in my sunglass clip in my car & I don't have to worry about them falling off my face. - Price: The price is super attractive. Not too high, not too low. No Logo: The logo ONLY shows up on the side & I LOVE IT. I hate when sunglasses put their logo on the glass....that is such a bad idea. But these guys did it right and placed it right on the side. CONS - Arms loosen over time: The arms tend to loosen over time but not by much. I had no issues of them becoming super flippy floppy. - Probably easier to break: I have never broke mine, but I can see if you are rough how easy it would be to break. - Honestly, not many other cons. Overall I am a very happy customer :)