EARTH DAY 2023 – Optic Nerve

Show our earth some love

Here at Optic Nerve, we understand your healthy addition to the outdoors and your love for our playground planet earth. That’s why we exist to produce purposeful eyewear for the outdoor inspired. We do our part in protecting the environment through earth-friendly manufacturing and energy saving practices. By choosing us, you’re choosing what matters – supporting a company who puts people and planet over profit.

We currently feature two innovative and sustainable product lines that help you get outside in style while reducing our collective impact.

Recycled PET: 5 Plastic Water Bottles = 1 Affordable Pair of Sunglasses

Made with upcycled plastic bottles, our recycled PET sunglasses are one of the most innovative products in the industry--especially at this price point. The recycled PET material is made from five single-use plastic water bottles that have been collected, cleaned, and ground up into flakes. These flakes are molded into sunglass frames and paired with our lightweight triacetate polarized lens. PET plastic has been found to be more durable than typical plastic, a true win-win! This recycled plastic conserves raw material use and allows us to deliver sustainable shades at a fraction of the carbon footprint with the same top-notch polarized lenses you know and love. View our PET Collection 


FSC Certified Natural Wood

Our new natural wood sunglass line is Forest Stewardship Council certified for sustainability. Subbing natural wood temples for the standard polycarbonate temples found in most sunglasses, Optic Nerve replaces single-use plastic to reduce environmental impact. The frames feel incredibly light but don’t sacrifice an ounce of durability or UVA/UVB protection. Six unique frames offer style options for anyone looking to keep their eyes and our planet better protected. View our Natural Wood Collection.

Our emphasis on the environment does not stop with recycled PET and natural wood sunglasses. What started with solar panels powering their Colorado-based warehouse evolved into using plant-based castor beans for many of their sunglass frames as well as biodegradable or recycled packaging to ship all of our products. 

By opting for purposeful designs that are consciously created to produce less waste, you’ll not only look good, but feel good too.