Optic Nerve Fixie Series – Fit for All of Us
Optic Nerve Fixie Series – Fit for all of us.

Optic Nerve released the FixieMAX and FixieBLAST in 2020 as shield style, mono-
lens sunglasses made a resurgence in fashion and performance. Premium
features took this sunglass to the next level, including vented polycarbonate
lenses for impact protection and optimal clarity, hydrophobic coatings to repel
moisture and debris, and anti-slip nose and temple pieces to keep the frames
locked in place. The FixieMAX and FixieBLAST became some of our all time
bestsellers nearly overnight.

Not to mention, both of these sunglass frames are made from sustainable, eco-
friendly castor beans which deliver a high performing frame, called G850, while
lowering pollution, the use of virgin plastic, and overall CO2 footprint. 
Now in 2023, in a world where fit and simplicity are more important than ever,
the newest Fixies are here to deliver. “It used to be all about interchangeable
lenses and optionality,” said Tom Fox, one of Optic Nerve’s owners. “Now it’s
about simplicity. People want straightforward, high-performance, high-quality
glasses that you grab and get outside with. That’s why photochromic lenses have
become so popular. Our new Fixie styles were intentionally designed for modern
outdoor enthusiasts.”

The four new styles, the FixieLUX, FixieSTEALTH, FixiePHENOM, and
FixiePHENOM Photochromic offer a range of styles to meet the demands of an
active lifestyle, all built with ergonomics and sustainability in mind. Frames are
made from castor bean oil-derived materials (G850), and the FixieLUX and
FixieSTEALTH come with the ratchet adjustable nosepiece for maximum security
with seamless customizability.

With the Fixie series, max coverage meets max visibility which is important for
athletes of all kinds. However, what’s often overlooked when evaluating these
shades is the carefully crafted ergonomics that makes them both functional and
flattering on a wide range of face shapes. “The curve radius that we use on the
new models looks good and feels good on a variety of faces, couple that with a
ratchet adjustable nose piece and nearly anyone can find a perfect fit,” said Tom.
“More people can wear them comfortably and stylishly, regardless of age, gender
or ethnicity.” Intrigued yet? Take a closer look at each style.

FixieLUX: A striking new platform in the Fixie Series designed for performance
sports/athletes, FixieLUX features an innovative frame and temple design that
features a new ratchet-adjustable nose piece to provide unparalleled security
and comfort. This lens is strongly curved, allowing for close protection of the eyes
and face. Priced at $79.
FixieSTEALTH: Combining the best features in the Fixie Series, the FixieSTEALTH
offers an amazing field of view, an aggressive performance-inspired design and
durable construction including an innovative ratchet-adjustable nose piece for a precise fit. Priced at $79.
FixiePHENOM: Built to go above and beyond, the FixiePHENOM provides a wide
field of view, incredible visual precision and a full lens wrapper for rock-solid
sturdiness. These frames not only look and feel great, but they’ll also reset the bar
for performance eyewear. Priced at $99.
FixiePHENOM Photochromic: Take the FixiePHENOM, add a photochromic lens
and nothing holds you back. The lenses automatically adjust to light conditions,
so your vision is never compromised by time of day or cloud cover. Bring one pair
of sunglasses that can do it all. Priced at $149.
About Optic Nerve
Independently owned and proudly headquartered in Colorado since 1981, Optic
Nerve Eyewear exists to create a clearer view of what matters, producing
purposeful eyewear for the outdoor-inspired. Headquartered in one of the most
physically active states in the U.S., Optic Nerve knows what its like to go the extra mile and dedicates excruciating thoughtfulness around features and innovation to make sure nothing stands in the way of creating products with a little extra flare and more value, all with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and
quality backed by a lifetime warranty.