The Power of The Outdoors – Optic Nerve

The Power of The Outdoors

Always Worth It 

At Optic Nerve we believe it's always worth it to get outside. Since 1976, countless years, months, days, and hours have been spent in the mountains of Colorado testing our products to deliver only the finest sunglasses and ski and snowboarding goggles on the market because it's always worth it to explore outdoors. We work hard to create affordable products that outperform our competitors and your expectations. 

Come Alive Outside

We believe you come alive outside. Inspired by the freedom to move, to follow your own path. 

Choose What Matters

Feed this insatiable hunger for the outdoors, existing in the moment or thriving on physical challenge. Go one step further even when it seems impossible– to do more, care more and feel more. Get outside to a place where time disappears and ambition multiplies.

Playground Planet Earth

We understand your healthy addiction to the outdoors and love for our playground, planet Earth. And that’s why we exist, to create a clearer view of what matters, producing purposeful eyewear for the outdoor inspired with an emphasis on sustainability and preserving the outdoors for generations to come. 

The Extra Mile

We know what it’s like to go the extra mile. With excruciating thoughtfulness around features and innovation, we make sure nothing stands in your way. A little extra flare, a lot of performance and a lot more affordable, all with a steadfast commitment to sustainability - so you can focus on what’s important.

Community Matters

We believe everyone’s eyes are deserving of protection. That’s why we are committed to working with various charities throughout our community to ensure that those who are less fortunate than ourselves have access to quality eye protection for enjoying the great outdoors.

Don't Hold Back

With Optic Nerve eyewear you have no reason not to go. So don’t hold back. Race, charge, explore or simply exist. Go a little too far, lose yourself and feel more alive – because getting outside is always worth it.







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