Polarized Lens Technology

What does "Polarized" mean?

When sunlight reflects off a surface, it becomes concentrated and even more intense. This phenomenon is known as glare, which has an adverse effect on visual comfort and clarity. 

Polarized lenses contain a special filter to absorb the horizontal light that creates the effect of glare. The lenses therefore allow only vertical light in, acting much like the blinds on a window. As a result, 99.9% of this reflected, intense glare is blocked from the wearer's vision. The benefits of polarization include: 

  1. Improved overall comfort and safety when driving or spending time in bright sun conditions
  2. Maximized clarity and definition when looking at and into the water 
  3. Reduced eyestrain and consequential issues including fatigue and headaches 
  4. Better vision in terms of detail and color 

    Polarization is recommended for bright sun and variable light conditions and the benefits are fully maximized on or around water. Polarized lenses should not be worn during night driving or when viewing LCD screens. 

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