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Toric Lens Technology - What is it?

In the past 30 years, Optic Nerve has exceled in offering next-level goggle technology with frame designs for all face shapes and experience levels. You've loved our cylindrical and spherical lens options for their versatility and ability to perform in a wide range of conditions, however, we wanted to give you more. The newest addition to the Optic Nerve goggle collection, The Wolfcreek, features our first ever Toric Magnetic Lens. 

So what is a Toric Lens and how is it different? How does it fit, and how does it work?

We're here to help! Take a peek below to learn more about what it means to wear a Toric Lens and if it may be your new favorite winter addition! 


A toric lens features similar construction and fit to a spherical lens. This means that both lenses are created to imitate or follow the curve of your eye for comfort and improved visibility. The toric lens, however, also features a second, tighter horizontal curve which enhances the peripheral vision on the goggle and creates one of the largest fields of vision you can find for a goggle on the market to date. 


The overall construction of a toric lens offers a larger fit for superior coverage, optical clarity and stability. With more lens coverage and less obstruction, a toric lens can also maximize your downward viewing area as well as offer more ventilation space for all day fog-free performance. It is constructed by pairing two different base curves together to create the most ergonomic fit for your face as shown below in this graph.

Toric Lens Graphic



Step 1: Effortlessly pull off the existing lens using the tab in the bottom corner of the lens 

Step 2: Hold the replacement lens up to the frame as the magnets align and connect 



Still not sure if our Wolfcreek is right for you? That's okay! Please reach out to us at and we'd be happy to personally help find the right goggle for you. Or, you can give us a ring at (303) 462-0444.