2023 Gift Guides – Optic Nerve

2023 Holiday Gift Guides

We're all about celebrating the spirit of giving with style and sustainability in mind. Optic Nerve Eyewear stands out for its commitment to planet-friendly materials and exceptional quality, backed by a product lifetime warranty. In this comprehensive guide, we've curated the perfect gifts for him, her, kids, runners, cyclists, hikers, and so much more. Get ready to explore a world of eyewear that not only elevates your fashion game but also supports your outdoor adventures!

Gifts for Him

Looking for the perfect gift for a fella? We’ve got you covered with sunglasses that will make anyone smile. From polarized protection with 100% UVA/UVB protection, to anti-glare coatings on our lenses, we do the hard work designing and testing our products in Colorado so they stand up to the test. Check out our Men’s gift picks!

Gifts for Her

In need of an easy gift for one of the women in your life? Sunglasses are an accent piece that everyone needs regardless of their interests or personal style. With a variety of fits and colors that can complement a wide breadth of wardrobes, we’re confident any woman in your life will love her new pair of Optic Nerves!

Gifts for Kids

Every parent wants to look out for their children’s health and safety. Doing it in a cool and stylish way has never been easier! Optic Nerve’s kid’s sunglasses meet ANSI Z80.1 standards for protection from the harmful UV rays from the sun - the lenses block 100% of all UVA/UVB radiation. Shop for style with confidence!

Gifts for the Runner

As a runner, shoes are the most important piece of apparel you buy. Fit, feel, and injury prevention all come into play - but did you know your eyes are susceptible to injury while running as well? By accessorizing your runs with Optic Nerves, you can feel confident your eyes have the most coverage possible from the sun’s UV rays. These wraparound picks feature tons of visual coverage from the lens shapes with rubberized contact pieces to minimize slip and bounce while on the move. 

Gifts for the Cyclist

Need a new frame to match your 2024 kit? Or looking for something easy to wear both on + off the bike? With our cycling gift picks, you have your pick at the lot. The FixieSERIES offers unparalleled performance and visual clarity while riding - check out a photochromic lens if you know you’ll be riding in variable light. 

Gifts for the Hiker

Being outside in the fresh air is one of our favorite feelings! Why not accessorize with sunglasses designed and tested all over Colorado? Our frames are made with planet friendly materials like Forest Stewardship Council Certified Natural Wood and Global Recycled Standard Plastics. Get ready to get outside with Optic Nerve!

Gifts for the Fisherman

Sunglasses are one of - if not the most important accessories on the water. From protection from harsh glare to giving yourself a cheat code with color-tuned lenses, we proudly support anglers all over the country. Pro bass fisher Chris Zaldain trusts us with his signature Zaldaingerous FixieMAX model - designed to eliminate glare, amplify color contrast, and deliver unreal HD visual clarity. 

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